Superior products for supreme clients!

High quality products always find their way to the market, which was exactly the story with glasses made in Lipik Glas. Commencing with 2003., when Bentley Motors Ltd, impressed by displayed know-how in product development decided to promote Lipik Glas to authorized series manufacturer of glasses for their new car model, roster of car manufacturers which invest their trust in Lipik Glas continues to grow each year. Aside from getting new clients, it is our greatest pleasure that existing clients, satisfied with our business relationship, reward us with new jobs year after year.  

Lipik Glas is pleased to offer its clients possibility to manufacture each and every glass which can be installed in a car

  • Windscreen (windshield)
  • Side glasses
  • Rear glass
  • Partition glass
  • Engine cover glass
  • Glass roof top

Apart from standard automotive glasses, the following products can be offered to our clients as well

  • Glasses with thermal insulation
  • Glasses with acoustic insulation
  • Heated glasses
  • Bulletproof glasses

Other than glasses themselves, Lipik Glas provides to its clients assembly of full array of additional components (child parts) on the glasses, such as brackets, clips, mirror mount buttons, rain sensors, antennas, division bars, distancers, seals etc.

Lipik Glas references in automotive industry segment can be found and observed on the following link