As a vital part of Italian company „Finind Group“, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bullet resistant and anti-intrusion glasses, Lipik Glas in its production program has this particular subsegment of safety glasses as well. All mandatory certificates are available.

Apart from flat glasses, Lipik Glas is specialized in production of both bullet resistant and anti-intrusion glasses in curved shape, and as such is among Europe’s largest manufacturers of glasses built into the security revolving doors, vastly utilized in numerous financial institutions.

Besides standard product cross sections which use glass only, Lipik Glas is able to offer its clients bullet resistant and anti-intrusion glasses made in combination of glass and polycarbonate. Such products, in comparison to their “glass only” counterparts, are thinner and thus lighter, but they also provide additional security for any person behind it as they prevent scattering of glass splinters in case that firearm projectile hits the surface.

Other than glasses to be used in construction industry, Lipik Glas can also offer its clients manufacturing of bullet resistant glasses for various road vehicles.

Products in this segment are manufactured according to European norm EN 1063 for bullet resistant and EN 356 for anti-intrusion glasses.